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Album cover for Dana Ives' 'So Happy It's Time' featuring a diorama with a clear blue sky and red balloon floating above a green landscape with miniature figures, framed by a shimmery red curtain backdrop and a fur surface in the foreground. The band's name and album title appear on a torn paper ribbon. Parental advisory, explicit content label is present.Cover - Music X Webflow Template

"So Happy It's Time"

Released August 2024
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Dana Ives

New Orleans’ finest swamp daddy duo, Dana Ives, was formed in 2018 when Matt Ernst and Ethan Wallace met at Loyola University. Both hailing from California, lead singer/guitarist Matt and drummer Ethan brought their respective talents down south, and within moments of meeting knew it was fate. Hence, their love child, Dana Ives, was born.

Press photo of Dana Ives, featuring Matt Ernst with sunglasses, the lead singer and guitarist, at the top and Ethan Wallace, the drummer, below, both peering through lush green palm leaves, embodying the vibrant spirit of New Orleans' alternative rock scene.


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