New Orleans’ finest swamp daddy duo, Dana Ives, was formed in 2018 when Matt Ernst and Ethan Wallace met at Loyola University. Both hailing from California, lead singer/guitarist Matt and drummer Ethan brought their respective talents down south, and within moments of meeting knew it was fate. Hence, their love child, Dana Ives, was born.

Dana Ives playing a concert at Gasa Gasa in New Orleans, LA


Dana Ives is best described as the musical sweet spot where lucid, screeching guitar melodies lay overtop aggressively raw drums and vocals, providing the perfect marriage of alternative rock and post-punk.

The band’s sound reflects Ernst’s upbringing in the Los Angeles garage-rock circuit and Wallace’s experience drumming in the California hardcore scene. Combined with their love for synthesizers and samples, Dana Ives creates a unique and dynamic experience that separates them from other alternative bands.

Matt Ernst of Dana Ives delivers an emotive performance at Fete du Void Festival in Oakdale, Louisiana, skillfully playing a Fender Telecaster guitar, under moody stage lightingAn intense moment during a Dana Ives concert captured in cool tones, featuring Ethan Wallace, shirtless and deeply focused, playing drums under dim stage lighting at the band's Fete du Void Festival performance in Oakdale, Louisiana.


Dana Ives regularly performs in New Orleans and has several festivals and US tours on their list of accomplishments. Their August 2022 record, So Happy It’s Time, marks a higher level of aggression and rhythm not heard in full form on their previous work.

Matt Ernst, guitarist and lead singer of Dana Ives, lays on stage, lost in a moment of reflection, under the warm glow of stage lights with a Fender amp and the silhouette of a guitar in the background, at The Broadside in New Orleans, Louisiana.Ethan Wallace, the animated drummer of Dana Ives, in a candid moment behind his pearl white Gretsch drum kit, showcasing his spirited performance with focus and intensity etched on his face amid Siberia's atmospheric lighting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Performance Highlights

Support for Neutral Snap - Multiple Shows (2024)

Support for Post Sex Nachos (2024)

The Dana Ives Christmas Spectacular (2023)

Support for Tiny Moving Parts (2023)

East Coast Tour (2023)

Bridge Alliance Festival - St. Augustine, Florida (2023)

Lazarus Festival - Hattiesburg, Mississippi (2023)

West Coast Tour (2022)

Freret Street Festival - New Orleans, Louisiana (2022)

Tough Love Tattoo Festival - New Orleans, Louisiana (2021)

Fete du Void Festival - Oakdale, Louisiana (2020)

Midwest Tour (2019)