Dana Ives "Crying Heart" Tee

Dana Ives "Crying Heart" Tee

Distinctive ethos embodied - heavy-duty cotton in crispy white. Exclusively tailored for individualists, this limited-run tee honors Dana Ives' uniqueness. (LIMITED RUN) Back logo print.

$ 30.00 USD

Product Details

Adorning this tee, you mirror the tenacious essence of Dana Ives, a beacon of bold, unapologetic authenticity in a world that often shies away from originality. The Dana Ives Tee embraces the unconventional, amplifying the band's unique blend of energy and grit in every thread. A wearable symbol of Dana Ives, this tee transcends the norms, pushing boundaries just as the band does.

It's not about the clothes you wear, but about the identity you carry. With the Dana Ives Tee, you're not just asserting your style; you're living the ethos of the band - bold, daring, and authentic.

Limited to the General New Orleans area.


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